Mauritius has for centuries been referred to as the 'Star & Key' of the Indian Ocean given its importance as a strategic port of call for vessels travelling the Spice Route and further. Owning a vessel through a Mauritius GBCI Company and its registration in Mauritius has many advantages. Valsen has unique expertise and network of providers in the facilitation of the registration of ships in Mauritius.

Key Features

  1. Applicant must be a citizen of Mauritius or
  2. A company incorporated in Mauritius and controlled by citizens of Mauritius
  3. Ship/ Yacht not older than 15 years since incorporation
  4. It must maintain class with one of the classification societies approved by the Director of Shipping who will issue a Mauritius Tonnage Certificate.
  5. A third party liability insurance must be produced with certificates evidencing compliance with international maritime conventions to which Mauritius has acceded.
  6. After all the required documents are submitted, the Certificate of Registration is delivered within 2 to 3 days.
  7. Initial registration US$ 500


  1. Mauritius registered vessels are exempt from tax on freight earnings.
  2. Dividends paid from the Mauritius shipping company are free of withholding tax
  3. Ship's stores, consumables, spare parts and bunkers are exempted from customs and excise duties
  4. Crew are exempted from Mauritius income tax
  5. No capital gains tax is payable upon the sale or transfer of a ship or of the shares in a shipping company
  6. No estate duty is payable on the inheritance of shares in a shipping company
  7. There are no restrictions on the nationality of the crew and work permits are not required
  8. Mauritius has ratified most of the international conventions on maritime safety, prevention of pollution and training and certification of seafarers

Why Valsen Fiduciaries

  • Speedy and Efficient Service
  • Expert advice on structuring options
  • Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  • Clientele Priority
  • Offers the best value of any country/jurisdiction in the World.