Mauritius is an established and reputable domicile popular for the registration of aircrafts. The Mauritius Civil Aviation Act 1974 and the Mauritius Civil Aviation Regulations 2007 govern the registration, leasing and mortgages of aircraft.

Aircraft Registration Services

The application for aircraft registration, financing, leasing, mortgaging needs to be done through the Financial Services Commission (FSC) while matters relating to technical verification, aviation security, safety issues and flight crew is the authority of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD). The application should satisfy the following technical requirements: Flight operations; Airworthiness; and Aircraft ratio station license.

Benefits of Aircraft Registration in Mauritius

  • Favourable tax environment and tax efficient structures;
  • 100% accelerated depreciation rate in the first year of operation of an aircraft;
  • Excellent asset security with flexible and innovative financing and leasing structures provided under the proposed Foreign Aviation Equipment Registration Legislation;
  • Regulations ensuring international enforcement and preserving aircraft resale values and ease of re-exporting;
  • Excellent corporate management environment and efficient support elements including banks, lawyers and accountants; and
  • Signatory to the Chicago ICAO convention, Geneva convention on International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft and the New York Convention on the Registration and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration.

Valsen shall be pleased to assist with the registration of your aircraft in Mauritius with the Mauritius International Aircraft Registry (MIAR), including private jets and helicopters. We shall assist you with the setting up of tax efficient vehicles for such purposes and will deal directly on your behalf with both the FSC and the CAD. 

Other Shipping Allied Services

Aircraft Importation and Leasing Services

Though our network we offer our clients various aircraft importation and leasing services such as:

  • Introduction to aircraft selling companies and maintenance providers;
  • Arrangements of sale and lease back agreements - to increase the client’s liquidity as opposed to obtaining credit financing for the aircraft. Leasing is a more economical solution. Any type of lease whether finance or an operating lease may be registered on a Mauritian aircraft equipment;
  • Tax planning advisory services on aircraft purchase or leasing.

Accounting and Payroll

Our payroll service can help you deal with the complexities of paying your aircraft staff and complying with the Mauritius Revenue Authority. With our dedicated team of accounting specialists we deliver a timely, accurate and flexible service, tailored to suit your needs and our services include:

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Management reporting;
  • Issuance of payslips;
  • Calculating PAYE plus any applicable taxes;
  • Settlement and filling of tax returns to the Mauritius Revenue Authority;
  • National Pension Fund (NPF) and National Solidarity Fund (NSF) deduction and settlement;
  • All annual filings with the Mauritian authorities.