Who We Are

Valsen Fiduciaries is an independent global service provider highly regarded for delivering meticulous outsourced support to businesses in Mauritius.  Valsen offers a broad menu of support to emerging and existing enterprises.  Engaging a team of Valsen accounting, fintech, legal and compliance professionals enables close collaboration across complex financial, regulatory, and tax matters in one of the fastes emerging offshore domiciles, Mauritius.

Our approach is both client centred and staff attentive.   Our goal is to give our clients the most current advice and accurate product possible framed by a thorough understanding of how each business operates and our commitment to due care in the performance of our professional responsibilities.


Our vision is to be, through the provision of value added services, the trusted advisor of a selected business clientele who are ambitious, courageous, substantive and of the highest calibre. Addressing the challenges that change, for the better, a company, a sector, an industry, an economy, a country, the world.

Our team of qualified professionals serve as a catalyst for positive change and development to establishing your operations, integrating your business, streamlining your business model, ensuring smooth, comfortable and effective operations. Our expertise is at your disposal!